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We love holding spaces where transformation can occur. Seeking to be immersed in flow, we conjure the power of music, ancient mantras and new offerings, archetypes and intentions, dance and ceremony. With space for every feeling, with a lightness and humour of presence, we endeavour to live as a stitch across what has been torn…whilst letting loose and playing some absolute bangers!

The Bhakti Brothers

Devotional music and spaces to connect us within

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Support with your presence

We create spaces for you to be held in the divine presence of shared intention. We are creating a new mythology each time we subscribe to ideas, we are moving beyond the mind, and possibly in the process creating goddesses and gods when we come together with divine presence and compassion

You Are Welcome

You Are Vital

Want some Bhakti?  

We’re a three piece mantra band who consider the audience the fourth member. We prioritise collective sound above performance, and like to offer tickets on a suggested energy exchange/donation for tickets. Click the links below to hear some of our stuff and read reviews. We’d love to come play 🙏🏻

Stef, Matt and Dave: the Bhakti brothers

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Email: bhaktibros@gmail.com

Tel: 07434 416825  

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